University Printing continues to prove that when it comes to print media, a dedicated, responsive, skilled home team offers the right solution for the Capstone’s printed needs. From stationery to Recruiting brochures, from Gymnastics poster to Commencement books, Printing Services is the ONLY provider dedicated, motivated and attenuated to the priorities of the University of Alabama family. 

Our offset printing capabilities contribute significantly to UA’s mission by providing quality responsive service in support of the Administration, Undergraduate Admissions, Strategic Communications, all of our Colleges, Athletics, Alumni and the UA System Office.  Printing Services consistently ranks in the TOP 10 Higher Education InPlant Print Shops nationwide. Steady and outstanding leadership over the past 25 years has produced growth in productive capacity, quality, variety and continuing modernization.  One of the most astounding facts about our shop’s press staff (9 out of 38 total team members) is that they have a combined 320 YEARS of press operating experience.

We have a team second to none. Come tour our shop and talk to our people.

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James and Roger

Offset Press Operators

Between them, James and Roger have over 50 years of offset press experience. They are our primary full-time, four/five-color Pressmen.

Big Press Room

The Big Press Room was specifically designed for this purpose. It has its own climate control system to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels. From the movement of bulk paper to proper lighting this room houses the most sophisticated full color, offset printing capabilities in West Alabama.



These specialty presses run nearly all day every day as well.  Each has a dedicated primary operator with other team members cross-trained to fill any gaps.


Troy Holley - Bindery Specialist standing next to our new Horizon 36" sheet folder

Jeff Price, Bindery Operator - standing next to the Halm Jet Press on which he is cross trained.

Dax Lewis - Warehouse Supervisor. Dax and his crew of students deliver paper to all presses in the shop and copy paper campus wide.

Seth Key is the friendly face of Printing to many of you. He spends each day delivering finished goods to the entire UA family.

Kathy Kimbrell, Bindery Specialist operating one of three punches in our shop[this is the mid-size punch]. In the background is the green Muller-Martini saddle-stitch booklet maker, one of many other machines on which Kathy is qualified.

We have a team second to none. Come tour our shop and talk to our people.